11 Travel Essentials To Invest In If You’re Serious About Your Wanderlust

It’s that time of year – everyone is heading off for European summers while the rest of us (me) rot away in the freezing temps of Australia. Well, COLD temps at least. If you’re heading into the sun-soaked Mediterranean, it’s likely you’re thinking about things you need to buy before you jet off on that long haul flight. Is your suitcase old and falling apart? Do you need a good hair dryer that packs well? What about skincare for the plane?

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If you’re serious about your wanderlust, you may as well invest in a few key items that’ll make your travelling a hell of a lot easier. Here’s a few bits and pieces I’m personally obsessed with.

1. Luggage That Charges Your Phone

AWAY The Bigger Carry-On, $325

The best thing about Away’s carry-on suitcase isn’t it’s lightweight shell or the interior compression system – it’s the ejectable battery, so you can charge your phone. Why do phones always die when travelling? Asking for a friend.

2. An Actually Good Travel Hairdryer

GHD Flight Travel Hairdryer, $99

I got this a year ago and it’s become a must-take when travelling – most travel hairdryers have terrible power, but this does a brilliant job PLUS it folds away all tiny, and it’s light. No regrets.

3. A Durable Toiletries Bag

AWAY The Dop Kit, $69

Bin that disgusting toiletries bag that’s covered in toothpaste and years of grot, and buy yourself a sleek new one that’s machine washable or even better – has a waterproof inner coating like this one from AWAY, has storage pockets for stuff like your toothbrush (do NOT be my boyfriend who just carts his around freely, letting the bristles rub up against whatever they feel to) and is easy to fit into even the smallest of carry-on.

4. A Toothbrush Lid

Steripods, $9.56 for 2

For some reason these are ridiculously hard to find outside of strange online sites like iHerb – but goddamn, clip-on toothbrush protectors are SO good. They’re easy to clean, not as bulky as full covers, and cheap.

5. A Light-But-Tough Suitcase

Samsonite Cosmolite 3 75cm Spinner, $915

Look, $900 bucks is a lot for a suitcase but when it’s this durable and this light, you can see why people spend this kind of cash. If you’ve got some money to invest in luggage, do it with this – it’s famed as being Samsonites lightest and toughest collection, meaning more kgs can go toward your actual luggage *and* you won’t find a cracked suitcase when you land.

6. A Laptop Sleeve

Crumpler Gig 15 Laptop Sleeve, $69

I will never, ever, ever carry a laptop bag onto a plane – simply because I already have a handbag and carry on to wrangle through customs and that tiny aisle, I’m not adding another thing. So this year I’m going to buy a good laptop sleeve like Crumpler’s, which features shock-absorbing neoprene to withstand mild knocks.

7. A Hydrating Face Mask

Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask, $165

This mask is expensive but it’s the best – they can charge this kind of money because the gel actually works to hydrate, calm and nourish dried-out skin. It’s light and unnoticeable, melting into your skin like an ultra-thick lotion, but the gel formula means it doesn’t feel heavy either. I use this on a long haul and I don’t have 40 new wrinkles upon landing.

8. A Silk Eye Mask

Slip Silk Eye Mask, $50

I hated sleeping masks until I tried a 100% silk one – it sounds wild but don’t knock it ’til you try it. The silk is gentle on your sensitive eye area, and cool on the skin while still blocking out pesky reading lights from people sitting next to you on long haul flights.

9. Packing Cubes

Globite @ The Iconic Set Of 3 Packing Cubes, $34.95

Zoe Foster-Blake got me onto these – lol not personally, via her Instagram Stories. I now swear by packing my undies into one, random bits and pieces like nose spray (hot) and medicines into another and tops into the large one. Saves ripping stuff out of my bag every day trying to find one teeny little thing, you know?

10. Bamboo Trackies

Cotton On Body Sleep Recovery Pants, $34.95

Okay I need to go on a desperate plea-rant here for a sec – Cotton On, please never stop making these pants. EVER. I have never worn such comfy, soft things in my life – AND they’re not hideous! Technically they’re for sleeping in but I wear mine to sleep and to just lounge around the house, and next time I fly long haul you’d best believe they’re getting put on before we take off.

11. Vitamins / Minerals

The Beauty Chef Well Spray, $29

I swear by in-flight (or after a long day of driving) vitamin boosting drinks and potions – obviously depending on what they are, but travelling DOES take a toll on your system so giving it a boost is never a bad idea. This Beauty Chef spray helps support your digestive system and immunity, and it’s also damn easy to pack and use mid-flight.