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Something I never thought I’d say – the socks & sandals trend is really sexy.

I can’t live a lie anymore! I have to admit it! Wearing socks with Jesus sandals looks really good & gives me feelings!

I want to say the whole thing started with Justin Bieber, but I’m sure he just ripped it from some runway show. Who cares where it started! What really matters is that once upon a time, wearing socks with sandals was just something your Pop did because his feet were cold, but not TOO cold, or something you did to do the bin run on a Sunday night.

Now, it’s a full-blown trend.

Apparently the way to do it (yes, there’s a right and wrong way to do it, according to fashion people) is to team sport-luxe socks with rubber slides or strappy sandals like Tevas. So I’ve rounded up some good ops if you’re wanting to get in on the socks & sandals trend but have NFI where to start.


Women’s Sandal Tooth Wedge, $149.95


Atoir x Rozalia The Socks, $20


Men’s Original Universal, $89.95


Tie Dye Sock 3 Pack, $24.95


Offcourt, $45


DESIGN socks, $8


Wide Fit Tech Sandals, $32

Glue Store

Unisex Track Socks, $19.95


Inka I Olive, $179

Cotton On

Single Pack Active Socks, $6.99


Fern Leigh, $99.95

General Pants

Insight Paradise Palms 2 Pack, $14.95


Adilette Slides, $45


Boyd 4, $19.99

The Iconic

Ellesse Giglio Text, $55


Wave Washed Socks 3 Pack, $25.99

Glue Store

Adidas Unisex Adilette, $45

The Iconic

The WOD Life Core Socks, $20


Fulgere Slides, $45

Barney Cools

Cheers Mate 2 Pack, $24.95


Men’s Monkey Caged Sandals, $49.99


Minimal Thrills 3 Pack, $29.99

The Iconic

Birkenstock Arizona, $130

Man Rags

MR Exclusive Warm Tones 3 Pack, $45


Stash Slide, $49.99

The Iconic

SKM Ray Socks, $19