Burn These Crystal-Infused Candles When You Need to Add Some Calm To The Bullshittery

crystal candles
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Look, it’s been quite a year, and incidentally, at the time of publication, it seems like it just won’t quit. Now that we are spending more and more time at home, creating a sanctuary away from the news of the world is more important than ever.

I don’t know about you, but when I light a candle, I instantly feel calm. It could be the warmth of the candlelight or the flickering flame, but it truly takes me to a better place. Besides this, as a psychic medium, my house is filled with crystals. Some are next to my bed, on my windowsill, in an alter in a bookshelf, in the glove box of my car and even one in my bra. True story.

During such a turbulent time — and any time you feel you’re having a bit of a crisis — I urge you to light a candle, sit with a crystal and allow yourself to move through the emotions. Better yet, there are crystal-infused candles that can help create calm, peace and promote loving energies which can sit in your space and light the way.

To help you with this, I’ve rallied a list of 7 of the best crystal-infused candles to help you feel zen during this absolute shit fight of a time.

1. By Charlotte Peace Affirmation Candle

By Charlotte Peace Affirmation Candle, $69.00

As a crystal, Amethyst can relieve stress and strain, soothe irritability, balance mood swings and dispel negative emotions like anger, rage, fear and anxiety, perfect for dealing with a global pandemic. With a by lemongrass, lime and sweet orange fragrance, the By Charlotte Peace Affirmation Candle from THE ICONIC will “create a stillness within you, a place to be calm, peaceful and centered”. Love!

(PSA: THE ICONIC is now doing Saturday deliveries for Sydneysiders, just order by 2pm to get it by 9pm that same day for $14.95.)

2. Wicks and Stones Candle with Rose Quartz

Wicks and Stones Candle with Rose Quartz, $64.95

No matter where I am in my home, I have a piece of rose quartz. Known as the stone of universal love, this Wicks and Stones candle with Rose Quartz will fill your space with loving energy. With top notes of rose petals, it is balanced out with African violets and a yellow jasmine base plus you will also receive one rose quartz crystal to promote friendship, healing, love, warmth and beauty.

3. Wicks and Stones Candle with Black Tourmaline

crystal candles
Wicks and Stones Candle with Black Tourmaline, $54.95

Black Tourmaline as a crystal can ground your energies, protect you from negative entities and even get rid of negative thoughts, which makes the perfect crystal to have around when you’re going through a tough time. This Wicks and Stones Candle with Black Tourmaline is inspired by Prana-Yama — the conscious awareness of breath.

4. Solo Therapy Abundance Candle — Citrine and Green Adventure

Solo Therapy Abundance Candle, $48.95

Citrine is often used to welcome abundance, prosperity, and positivity and Green Aventurine is known as the “lucky stone”, so burning this Solo Therapy Abundance Candle from Amazon will no doubt aid you in lifting your vibration. Made from soy wax and with tones of eucalyptus and lime, you’ll be feeling prosperous in no time.

5. Fineline Crystals — Beautiful Crystal Candles

Fineline Crystals Crystal Candles, $49.99

Australian made company FineLine Crystals have a range of stunning crystal infused candles in their Etsy store. Each candle comes with a variety of crystals that have their own powers and different energy.

6. Paixceleste Zodiac Crystal Candles

crystal candles
Paixceleste Zodiac Sign Candle, $40.00

Etsy shop Paixceleste has created these stunning candles specially curated for each zodiac sign. Besides this, all materials including packaging are vegan, locally and ethically sourced, cruelty-free and sustainable. You could say these candles were written in the stars. Pictured above is the Gemini candle which holds pieces of Carnelian, Tiger Eye and Citrine.

7. Lunawitch Botanicals Spirit Heart Cauldron Crystal Candle

crystal candles
LunaWitch Botanicals Spirit Heart Cauldron Candle, $40.00

For those looking to brew up some instant magic, these LunaWitch Botanicals Spirit Heart Cauldron is the perfect candle for you. Handmade in Australia, the candles are scented with a blend of creamy vanilla rose, hold a rose quartz and are filled with rose petals. Plus, once you’ve finished burning the candle you can then use the cauldron for rituals, spells, potions, brews, moon water and even burning herbal scents. So cool!