BRB Using These McDonald’s Quarter Pounder-Scented Candles To Conduct My Next Séance

If you’re looking to really boost the ambiance in your living room, might I suggest this limited edition range of McDonald’s scented candles?


McDonald’s, Maccas, Mickey D’s are releasing a line of candles to make your house smell like the sweet, sweet scent of Quarter Pounder. What more could you possibly need?

“Do you have a burning love for the Quarter Pounder?” the Golden Arches Unlimited website asks, as if anyone can resist the temptation of a greasy, delicious Quarter Pounder.

Featuring six separate scents that are designed to be burned together for “maximum deliciousness,” the candles come in “100% Fresh Beef”, “Ketchup”, “Onion”, “Pickle”, “Cheese” and “Sesame Seed Bun” scents. When burned together, you’re getting all of the flavours of the QP without the calories.

mcdonald's candles

The soy wax candles are scented with essential oils and feature a cotton wick for a burn time of approximately 25 hours, according to the Golden Arches Unlimited website.

The candle set is part of the Quarter Pounder Fan Club merchandise collection that will be rolled out over the coming weeks. So far, it looks like it’s exclusive to US fans, but if it’s successful, we could potentially get our Aussie hands on this glorious collection.

mcdonald's candles

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the weirdest candle we’ve seen all year, it hardly compares to Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous vagina-scented Goop candle.

Why is McDonalds entering the aromatherapy game? According to a press release, it’s “because there’s no better smell than 100 percent fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings.”

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen the viral success of other fast food merchandise like the so-tacky-it’s-chic KFC Crocs. Maybe they just know we’re all suckers for the smell of some American cheese and pickles.

Either way, I need these candles in my life and in my home.