Benefit Cosmetics Wanna Give Ya Some Profesh New Headshots For Nothin’ This Week

If you’re trying to refresh your CV or hustle your way into a sweet new gig, you’re gonna need new headshots, right? Something that says “Hi I’m super reliable but also I’m not a total robot” is a pretty good medium. But who’s got the time or the money or the energy to find someone with a pro camera setup, when you’ve got your selfie on lock, let’s be honest.

That’s where the babes at Benefit Cosmetics come in – because they wanna help you zhuzh up your resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, dating profile, everything, for International Women’s Day this year.

No matter how strong your selfie game is (believe me, I’ve found The Good Light in every house I’ve lived in) it leans more into that self-made vibe than Very Professional Business Person.

Instead, pop down to your local Benefit Cosmetics Counter in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne on Friday, March 6th and they’ll touch up your makeup before sliding you in front of an actual professional photographer to snap and update your headshot.

Considering pro headshots can cost you literally hundreds, this sounds like a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

The touch-up and pro photo sessions are kicking off from 11am to 3pm in both Myer in Sydney and Perth, and then from 5-8pm at Myer in Melbourne, perfect time to nip out for long lunch on Friday or head over after work for a cheeky headshot. Maybe lay off the staffies drinks this week, you probably don’t want to be half-cut going into a professional photo sesh.

I’m deeply thinking about ducking down to Myer in Melbourne on Friday after work to get mine done, because Lord knows the headshot I have on my writer bio on this very website is at least two years old.


All you have to do for your free headshots is dress similar to the beloved mullet – business up top, party in the back. Not too hard to do that, I reckon.