Wanna look like Kylie Jenner so you can take hot selfies but aren’t a multi-millionaire and thus can’t afford plastic surgery or those bloody lip kits? No problem, Instagram has you covered!

The social media tool just launched a Kylie filter, very much in the same vein as the Ariana Grande filter you’ll have seen touted all over social media.

Simply jump onto Insta and give it a go by clicking the face button on the bottom right corner of your IG camera. A carousel of filters should then pop-up, Kylie’s being the first and newest. The filter allows you to virtually wear seven on the most famous Kylie Cosmetics colours: Candy K, Dolce, Posie K, Say No More, Shady, Boy Bye, and Glitz.

You can swap between the colours, then post a video, Boomerang, or selfie to your story wearing the shade.

To make you look even more Kar-Jenner esque, the filter blurs your face, giving it an almost Face-Tuned quality.

I’m way too tired and cranky to test it on myself to include in this story so here’s someone I found on Twitter who gave it a go and the resemblance is absolutely uncanny, I tell ya.

Image: Getty Images