Your Easy-As Guide To Hard Or Soft Launching Your Smoking Hot Summer Fling On Instagram

Summer’s here and all you double-vaxxed cuties are gonna be gallivanting around town and living your best lives, so naturally a fling or two is bound to occur.

When you first meet someone, usually they don’t go anywhere near your public Instagram feed or story (that’s usually reserved for your Close Friends story or sneaky shots to the group chat).

But as the summer progresses, something about the sun, the salt water, and the many spicy margs may want you to announce to the world that you’re seeing a certain someone.

Whether or not you decide to hard launch them or soft launch them on your social media honestly depends on where your relationship is at, here’s how to decipher which one to roll with.

What is a soft launch?

So you’re loving their company, you wanna show them off, but you don’t want your passionate new fling to be all up in everyone’s grill?

Or maybe you wanna keep their identity private and just showcase the fact that you’re (however old you are), flirty and thriving?

You might also be well aware that this fling won’t survive the summer but ya just feel like dropping a cute pic for the mems and the lols?

Well, take a leaf out of the book of our fave chaotic couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker and roll with a soft launch, which usually consists of a subtle post such as the following:

Credit: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian.

No caption. No tag. No info to point towards who it is, just two hands clutching each other in a ve-hicle.

This is what we call the soft launch, and if you feel like you’re not quite at the full face, tagged in hard launch stage, this is what I recommend.

The benefit of the soft launch is that if your relationship, well, let’s just say fails to launch, you can allow them to quietly fade into oblivion because and all anyone ever saw was their hand / elbow / back of their head!

What is a hard launch?

Also known as a girlfriend / boyfriend / themfriend reveal.

Think you’re ready for faces and identities? It might sound like small potatoes, but in 2021, sharing your potential partner’s pic and info online is a huge step in a relationship and basically signifies that you’re official.

So if you’re certain that this thing is legit, my recommendation would be to double-check with them if they’re cool for you to whack up a pic of the pair of ya.

Usually a hard launch includes either a cute couple selfie or just a shot of them where you can see them clearly, often with a tag.

Need some inspo? Here’s Kourtney’s hard-launch of Travis on her ‘gram:

I know it may seem odd that I’ve used Kravis as the yardstick here, but hey, we all know what their soft and hard launches amounted to! Spoiler: it worked bloody well for them!

Enjoy your summer fling, ya big cuties. May your launches be both hard and soft. Actually wait, scrap that last part.