Beauty Supplements That’ll Make You Glow Like A 400W Bulb

Last year I found my perfume. 
It’s a warm, spicy fragrance with top notes of Italian rose and patchouli. One of the noses behind it is perfume king Francis Kurkdjian. Whenever I wear it, I’m showered in compliments. 
In short, it’s my signature scent; only problem is, the bottle is fugly. 
It sucks because I love everything about this perfume but the bottle lets it down and means it’s relegated to the bathroom cupboard. I say this at the risk of sounding like J’amie Private School Girl, but $250 smackaroonies down the sink and I can’t even show that bottle off?! Unwell!
Looks do matter when it comes to beauty products. Their appearance is part of the experience of using them, just like how a meal tastes better when it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast.
With that in mind, here are some of our favourite beauty and health supplements that work overtime to look good while making you look good.

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I was first introduced to Cilk Rose Water by an irritatingly hot, well dressed acquaintance. She’s the kind of girl who genuinely lives a well-balanced lifestyle. She’ll smash a yoga class followed by a big bowl of pasta. She takes care of her body and listens to what it wants.
Cilk Rose Water is a concentrated liquid elixir derived from certified organic roses. If that sounds like a mouthful you don’t quite understand, it’s essentially a really luxurious cordial for beauty-conscious grown ups. You add a few drops to a tall glass of water and it transforms into a fragrant and refreshing way to hydrate. 
If you’re the type to struggle drinking water throughout the day, Cilk is a clever little way to coax yourself into polishing off a big bottle of H2O. The concentrate supposedly boasts skin and health benefits, too.
What’s best is it looks the part sitting pretty on your bedside table amongst Tom Ford Black Orchid and YSL lipsticks.
Fountain are a range of liquid beauty supplements by beauty giant Deciem. 
The company  was founded by a kooky bloke called Brandon Truaxe, who has been dubbed ‘the Willy Wonka of face cream’ for his outlandish but honest approach to beauty. The product descriptions are self-aware and amusing (so if you like Glossier and Go-To, you’d love Deciem) and folks swear by some of their stuff.
Fountain has a whole range of supplements (The Glow Molecule, The Beauty Molecule & The Super Green Molecule are just a few) that all boast unique benefits. The Hair Molecule, for example, boasts a liquid complex of Silicon, Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid to support your hair growth. Suck back two teaspoons and you’re well on your way to a shinier mane.

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Vida Glow is a proudly Australian brand specialising in marine collagen supplements.
What’s marine collagen, you ask? Its a fibrous protein extracted from the scales of Deep Sea Red Snapper. Vida Glow then package this up in easy single serve sachets you can stir into your morning beverage. It promotes collagen production in your bod, improving a “youthful radiance”.
Livin la vida loca, and also, livin la vida Vida, baby.

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Clear skin, strong hair and a glowing complexion are al byproducts of healthy insides.
The Beauty Chef, created by beauty editor and organic-enthusiast Carla Oates, offers a range of beauty supplements you can take in tandem to eat your way to healthy glow. That includes powders, elixirs and balms that boast all kinds of benefits. It’s all organic, too.
She ain’t called The Body for no reason. Elle Macpherson has given us mere mortals a portal through which to realise our best selves, and that’s The Super Elixir. It’s an all-in-one, daily multivitamin powder you can add to your smoothies. It looks boss on a kitchen bench, too. Bonus round: Macpherson recently teamed up with Aerin Lauder to launch the packaging in gold. Oomph.
Photo: Cilk Rose Water.