How To Take Your Beauty Routine To The Next Level Without Breaking The Bank

If you’re a budding makeup artist or hair styling extraordinaire, you probs know your way around a brush (whether paddle or eyeliner). But for the rest of us mere mortals, our beauty regiment could probably seem more akin to… Well, let’s say there’s a reason we smear it on with our fingers sometimes.

Looking glam as heck doesn’t have to require an exxy course or popping down to your local makeup counter to get made up – it’s all in the practice and the application. Sure it can take some time to actually figure out how, but once you do it changes the whole game.

Here’s a few pointers on how to get yourself looking made up to the nines without actually taking nine years, a million bucks and a team of experts.

Upgrade your tools

We’re talking brushes, sponges, hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, pins, clips – we’re not saying your old equipment won’t get the job done, but it sure as heck will take stacks longer and probably won’t be as effective.

So it’s upgrade time. Work with your regular look to decide what you want to upgrade. Big bold brows? Grab Flawless Brows so you can keep ’em refined quickly instead of plucking for days (plus it looks hot in your makeup case). Love a sleek ‘do? Opt for a GHD platinum+ gift set so you can protect your locks and get them sorted quickly, efficiently and bloody stylishly if I may say so.

And no matter who you are, unless you’ve shaven your head bald then you’re gonna need to wash and dry your hair at some point. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a far superior option to your dodgy old towel-drying method – and TBH it’s an investment so you’ll never be able to blame being late on your hair again.

Plus it’s the best way for you to reenact one of those mega glam photoshoots where the model’s hair is flowing in the breeze as she smizes for her life (thank you Tyra Banks).

Know what works for you

Let it be said that if you’ve never successfully executed a smokey eye with cat liner, giving it a crack five minutes before you have to leave is just plain not going to end well for you. Practice makes perfect.

If you’ve got some spare time around the house of an evening or weekend, why not experiment with your makeup and try to perfect your favourite looks? I can safely say that the only reason I can do my liner so quickly nowadays is from muscle memory after years of applying it on the train to work.

Work with your features – if you’ve got a rounder face, lengthen your brows to create a narrower appearance. Learn where best to place your contour for your face shape – accentuating your cheekbones to give your face more structure.

Plan ahead

If you’ve gotta be ready by 7pm and you haven’t started prepping by 6.45, you’ve got nothing to blame but yourself. Now that you’ve practiced and timed yourself in your pursuit of achieving a faster routine, you should know exactly how long you’ll need.

So stick to it. Know thyself – know thy limits. Getting ready can be fun, so don’t think of it as too much of a chore. Just whack on some tunes and get it festive up in there. Starting the party early is never a bad idea, especially if it means you’re actually there when everyone else is.

So there you have it folks – it’s not much to ask.