A TikTok Has Absolutely Roasted Aussies For Their Shit Winter Fashion & BRB, Sobbing Into My Puffer Jacket

A Canadian expat has done what the rest of the world has been doing for years: roasting TF out of Aussies and our backwards way of living, and this time, it’s about our controversial winter fashion.

I, for one, am partial to never getting out of my winter PJs as long as working from home exists. I’m also known to don an oversized hoodie and three-day-old trackies should I need to nick up to my local Woolies.

While I’m sure these get-ups aren’t foreign to many other Aussie winter battlers, one Canadian woman cannot get behind our winterwear and has taken the piss out of us in brutally accurate fashion.

Ioana, who’s spent seven years hopping between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, took to TikTok to mock a number of stereotypical Australian outfits, and I have to hand it to her. We, as a nation, are fking ridiculous.

Kicking off the roast with “rich Sydney moms”, the expat sported “branded athleisure” coupled with a puffer jacket — or what some like to call, the Bec Judd special.

Ioana also highlighted that Sydney-based matriarchs have a “needless aggression”, A.K.A something that can only be attributed to mums who sip their extra-hot matcha lattes on the sidelines of their kids’ 8 am Saturday soccer match. You know the ones.

Next, she modelled the “Perth & Brisbane special”, which is to describe anyone who is rugged up and shivering “every time it hits below 24 [degrees]”.

winter outfits stereotype tiktok
A Canadian expat took to TikTok to spectacularly roast Aussie winter outfits. Source: TikTok @ioanaonthecoast

We also copped an insight into the “Melbourne commuter” who loves an all-black look, before Ioana poked fun at that “stubborn” mate we all have who refuses to wear anything other than shorts, a t-shirt and Birkenstocks, no matter the weather.

Taking things down south, the TikTok shone a light on Tasmanians, who are sluts for a “fisherman sweater”.

Please note: Kathmandu jackets are “optional” winter attire.

Wrapping up the roast of the season, Ioana donned the “official Queensland uniform” — a puffer jacket, shorts and thongs.

She joked that those rocking the winter ‘fit usually protest that “it’s not warm, hey?”. And where is the lie?!


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At the time of writing, the TikTok had amassed over 564,000 views, with many users hitting the comment section to praise the accuracy of Ioana’s outfits.

One wrote: “We had one day below 24 [degrees] this week in Perth and about 5 people in the office broke out our turtlenecks.”

Case in point.

Meanwhile, a few were peeved that Ioana omitted any reference to Adelaide before she revealed she had “never been”.

All I’m hearing is that until she makes the trek to South Australia, the people of Adelaide have time to bring justice to the rest of us poorly-dressed Aussies.