TikToker Says Influencers Fake Going To Coachella For Content & The Same Thing Happened At SITG

tiktoker says influencers fake coachella

A TikToker has called out influencers for faking going to Coachella and honestly, at this point what do influencers do that is actually real?

Loren Gray (@lorengray) told fans not to feel bad for missing out on Coachella, probably the most anticipated music festival of the year for influencers, because despite how it appears, it turns out most of your faves probably aren’t there either.

“Coachella’s like the influencer Olympics. It’s the place to be,” Gray said.

“But most influencers, or a lot of influencers, don’t even go to Coachella.”

Give us names!!!!


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Instead, Gray said “they’ll go out to the desert, get an Airbnb or stay with someone, get their outfits, get their hair, get their makeup, post up Coachella day 1, Coachella day 2, and they don’t go to the festival, they don’t have wristbands.”

“They just drive their little butts out to the desert to take Instagram photos, make TikToks, ‘Get Ready with Me’, whatever,” she continued.

“And then they drive back. And that’s it.”

Of course, influencers faking shit is not at all new, even for local music festivals — remember all the tea around Splendour in the Grass last year?

At one of the Splendour parties, Love Island contestant Emily Ward was apparently overheard saying: “I flew up from Melbourne but I don’t have a ticket! I’m not going! I’m here for the parties!”

An insider from an influencer agency also made some bold claims that a bunch of influencers were flown up to Byron Bay just to make it look like people were attending the festival.

“They’re not going to Splendour,” the insider said of the “the tsunami of social media personalities who’d descended on the town”.

“They make you think they’re going to Splendour and wearing heels there. But they’re not doing either.

“They’re all pretending. It’s all an illusion. None of them are paid [to be in town for Splendour]. For them, it’s enough to be given the opportunity to come and be seen.”


Honestly, given the muddy situation last year, maybe they made the right call.


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All I can say is — as a homebody myself — dressing up and taking Instagram photos without actually having to deal with the sweaty (or in Splendour’s case, soppy) crowds at Coachella sounds like a great time.