A French Influencer Got Caught Faking A Business Class Flight & Sigh, When Will They Learn

French influencer Océane El Himer

A French influencer was caught faking being in a business flight when she was actually flying economy and honestly, I love this shit.

Océane El Himer, who is a French influencer that came to fame on a French reality show where she competed against her own TWIN SISTER for a man’s affection, posted a picture of herself in what looks like a very expensive business flight from Dubai to Monaco with the caption “Next Stop – Monaco. Je fly toute la night (I fly all night).”

It’s very standard Instagram influencer stuff – except Océane El Himer didn’t actually fly business class, but faked it – a fan spotted her wearing the same outfit in an economy flight. They took a snap of her, which then went viral after someone tweeted it.

Obviously I don’t speak French, but here’s the (very rough) translation provided by Twitter: “Mdr Océane who is kind of traveling in business class while traveling in ECO. The worst part is that she took the time to take a picture of herself in BUSINESS just to be that girl on insta.”

Another tweet about it got over 100,000 likes and 18,000 retweets, with people arguing over whether it actually matters if influencers fake posts. Some people reckon there’s nothing wrong with faking a business flight, because it just means she’s a money saving queen who knows how to build that brand while saving that bank. Honestly, I can respect that.

Others reckon it’s toxic behaviour that has to be called out so we don’t fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations – and like, while it’s true that influencers lying about shit all the time is bad for everyone (even themselves, clearly), I’m inclined to just enjoy the shenanigans. I won’t be impacted by a French influencer’s fake Dubai flights when I can’t afford one anyway xoxo.


My favourite part of this though, is that Océane deleted and disabled comments on the post, but the post is STILL up. Yes queen, rake in that sponsored post cash.

Respect the hustle sweetie.