An Influencer Has Detailed A ‘Horrific’ Jetstar Flight On Which People Chundered For 5 Hours

An Aussie influencer and other traumatised passengers have recalled their god-awful experience on a Jetstar flight, during which multiple people were vomiting constantly while up in the air. If that were me, I’d simply jump out of the emergency exit. No thank you!

Fitness influencer Ashy Bines took to her Instagram to detail her five-hour flight back from Bali, and it sounds like one of the worst things a human could experience while in the skies.

Bines was travelling with her husband Steve and two kids Tala (11 months) and Taj (seven), and reckons that a bunch of people including her family ate something nasty for breakfast in Bali before the flight, resulting in a mass vom sesh amongst the clouds.

“I think it must’ve been something we all ate,” she said.

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say a whole bunch of people got a nasty case of food poisoning, because Bines said she fully fainted on the flight as well as vomming non-stop.

“As I stepped onto the plane and I handed the tickets over, I literally fainted, I fully collapsed.”

“Steve had Tala the whole flight because for the whole flight Taj and I were just spewing on and off … probably like every 20 minutes. At one point I was spewing in my spew bag and holding Taj’s spew bag and he was bawling his eyes out.

“It was horrific, it was so so tough.

“I have flown a lot in my life, that was the worst flight ever.”

Honestly, anybody who can endure even a single hour on a flight while feeling like hell is instantly braver than the troops in my eyes. You probably shouldn’t be on the flight to begin with, but I understand that sudden food poisoning is extremely different to being sick.

One passenger on the plane by the name of James Foley told Yahoo! News that he and his wife were seated between some of the sick passengers on the flight, and that the smell was so bad he was sworn off Jetstar for life.

He even casually mentioned witnessing influencer Ashy Bines faint on the plane. The TEA.

“Before takeoff until after we landed there was someone being constantly sick,” he said.

“When boarding, one passenger physically fainted and they were then continually sick the whole flight.

“It was absolutely horrible. It wasn’t just them, multiple people on the plane were unwell.

“The odour from the vomiting was disgusting. We couldn’t eat or rest as the vomiting was the whole flight. It was non-stop.”

I feel so ILL. This is NASTY. I don’t know what’s worse, being someone surrounded by the stench of vomiting or non-stop vomiting yourself. Either way, this is the plane from hell.

In an official statement, Jetstar apologised for the events on its flight and said it would be looking into them.

“We’re sorry to hear these customers were unwell and acknowledge it would have been an unpleasant experience for others sitting near them,” a spokesperson said.

“Our customer team is reaching out to Ms Bines and Mr Foley as well as our crew members to better understand what happened.

“Customers who are too sick to fly should contact us before travelling or speak to our crew so we can help with their booking and consider alternative travel arrangements.”

Flying is already a traumatic experience for all involved, did we really need to add people chundering chunks to the mix?