ALDI Is Selling Boxed Mattresses From A Heaps Cheap $149 Next Week So Don’t Sleep On This

ALDI Mattress

Good morning! Have you ever wanted to just put your mattress in a box and wheel it around town like it’s nobody’s business? No? Just me? Well ALDI has just jumped in on the boxed mattress trend with its new mattress range, and prices start at just $149. I am simply in love.

Ranging from single, king single, double, queen and king, ALDI will now be providing some luxe comfort for your bedding needs. Better yet, it’ll also be flinging bed frames, bedside tables and mattress protectors, with the limited-time sale kicking off on Wednesday, October 28th.

The wildest part about these brand new mattresses in a box is that the box comes with wheels and a handle, so you can literally wheel around your mattress in an easy travel-safe way. This means that you can take it with you home pretty easily.

ALDI’s King Boxed Mattress, $299.

Now that we can wheel our boxed mattresses, you can catch me at the airport with my king-sized bed in hands. Did someone say mattress carry-on?

ALDI’s brand new ad for its bedding range, which features an actual talking mattress box, explains that the new mattresses feature “a plush Eurotop,” “pocket spring construction” and a “memory foam comfort layer.”

“No matter your relationship status, or royal title, there’s one of me for you,” says the talking mattress box.

“Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed, head into ALDI instead.”

You can watch the full ad in all it’s talking-box splendour right here.

A single mattress will only cost you a simple $149, which is a price you just love to see, while the most expensive mattress, a King, will only leave you $299 short. If you’ve ever wanted to make the switch to King, now you can, as a treat.

Meanwhile, bed frames will only set you back by $199 for a Double, $229 for a Queen and $279 for a King.

ALDI Bed FrameALDI’s Double Bed Frame, $199.

And please, if you’re gonna cop a bed, be sure to also get a bed frame. We can’t be having any mattress on the floor type of situations please and thank you.

If you’re looking for some bedroom decor, the Mid-Century bedside table is going for just $49.99, and the mirrored shoe cabinet is priced at a rather generous $99.99.

You can catch the full list of special buys limited-time bedding items HERE.