Every so often I’m faced with some really gut-turning stuff in this job, maybe it’s a fuck-off huge spider with a million eyes or some kind of rancid food situation, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was exposed to this morning – an entire Twitter account that documents the absolute most dogshit bachelor pad setups across the world from the depths of Reddit.

Look, I don’t like to gender things at all ever, but this is some real straight single cis-male bullshit, let me tell you.

The account @redditspaces is cherry-picking all the “best” (very loose use of the term there) entries from the subreddit called /r/malelivingspace, where people upload pictures of truly the most alarmingly cursed only-one-man-lives-here-energies house setups they’ve seen.

And now, because I have had to see these eye-watering interior spaces, so do you.

Almost unsurprisingly, a lot of the bachelor pad setups were very focused on the video games, or at least the tv, which is exactly how I’d imagine my brother would set up his house if he moved out at age 16 or something.


If I was the girlfriend I’d move back out.

This just hurts my eyeballs.

Two years. You’ve had TWO. YEARS.

My back hurts just looking at the WFH setup.

This is hauntingly familiar to the various ways our own Prime Ministers have had their TVs set up.

Some have shown the utter ~ingenuity~ of men who absolutely would have put their creation together, stepped back a couple of paces, put their hands on their hips, and beamed at their “masterpiece”, before pasting it up online.

Some of the entries really just speak for themselves. Which is good because they’ve 100% left me fucken speechless.

That one’s a real click-for-a-surprise bachelor pad situation.

That speaker system would absolutely 100% blow out your ears in an instant.

We all absolutely know someone who had this exact room at highschool. There was always one kid. Always.

The worst thing about all of these is that you can totally smell every single one of these photos, and they all smell exactly the same.

Image: Twitter / @redditspaces