Aldi Is Flinging A Hot New $179 Woodfire Pizza Oven And TBH My Nonna Would Be Pleased

Aldi is flinging a positively fancy woodfire pizza oven for the bargain price of $179 and mamma mia thatsa spicy bargain. (I can say that, I’m Italian.)

The oven that Aldi is flogging in its stores is at a price that literally puts competitors to shame, so for that, I salute our bargain overlords.

You’ll have your housemates thinking you’re an Italian chef for sure, but only when the handy-as-hell gadget hits stores on Saturday, September 26 as apart of Aldi’s new affordable outdoor range from the Special Buys catalogue. 

This bad boy literally doubles as a charcoal barbecue, and as a self-declared culinary chef, I’m literally frothing at the options when I next cook for guests. (Which, for isolation reasons, will not exceed 20.)

Rival woodfire pizza ovens such as the one from Barbecues Galore will cost you a hefty $399, and while I’m not trying to be Aldi’s No.1 cheerleader, I think I know exactly which one my wallet would prefer.

In fact, Aldi’s model is pretty similar to the BG gas pizza oven, with both gadgets offering a temperature gauge, a pizza stone, chimney and a viewing window, so you can watch your pepperoni pizzas ooze into cheesy bad bois.

For just $1.99, there’s even an assorted selection of tong styles to choose from and a $9.99 20-pack of barbecue trays – coming to just 50 cents per tray.

Other items on sale include a two-pack of oven mitts or double oven gloves for $6.99, a meat thermometer for $14.99, aprons from $9.99, two-pack lighters for $9.99 and BBQ cleaning wipes or cleaning spray for $3.49.

That sounds like everything you’d ever need to get a-cookin’.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a slightly sexual pizza oven talking at you about its removable ashtray, have a peek at the Aldi ad below, which uses the phrase “you want a pizza this”, and that’s all I’m going to say.