WATCH: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Is Back To Take Another Crack At The NFL

Bless the National Football League and the utterly ridiculous ways the people involved with it make their mouths move.

The fine sport of American Football has long been the bread-and-butter of the much beloved and piss-yrself-funny YouTube series Bad Lip Reading, and with the 2015 season at a close – everyone now staring down the barrel of next week’s Super Bowl 50 – what better time now than to drag out the best things that no one actually ever said.
The first part of BLR‘s 2015 NFL season re-dubbing has dropped, and it’s truly, utterly, wholly glorious.
Highlights include the perennially wacky Tom Brady, and the magnificent enormous of mouth of Cam Newton, into which just about any batshit nuts sentence can be fitted.

In absolute tears over “long live Wu-Tang.” Oh MAN.
Source: YouTube.