WATCH: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Once Again Takes On The NFL With Glorious Results

Bad Lip Reading‘ is universally funny. But for whatever reason, their efforts at skewering the NFL rank as easily the best of the bunch.
Maybe it’s because putting silly words in hulking football players mouths is inherently hilarious. Maybe it’s some other reason entirely.
Whatever the case, their annual overdubs of the NFL seasons are a joy to behold, and a practical Super Bowl tradition.
This year’s? No exception. It’s mightily glorious.
From Ben Roethlisberger idly shrieking to himself, to the nihilistic dread plaguing the Oakland Raiders sidelines, to Aaron Rodgers‘ very bad date, this one is a particularly sharp pearler.

I have no idea why, but I will never get tired of watching overdubbed NFL players making nonsensical chewing noises. It kills me. Kills me.

Source: YouTube.