Twitter Celebrates Philly’s Big Win By Giving Infinite Shit To Tom Brady

In what is surely a historic first, the entire world is seemingly rallying around Philadelphia in a moment of pure jubilation following the EaglesSuper Bowl LII defeat of the Patriots and, more importantly, Tom Brady.

As with the finals of any sport, fans of the teams that didn’t make the cut have backed whichever of the two they chose to be the lesser evil and, as underdogs backed by charmingly deranged fans, the Eagles seem to have won the popular vote, as evidenced by this not-at-all-scientific survey that vaguely cites one source without showing the data:

In saying that, though, a lot of it might have to do with people’s feelings about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Whether it’s because of his past friendship with Trump or because he’s a bit of a weird unit (for various reasons), Twitter has taken immense delight in seeing the Pats (and thus him) utterly defeated, arguably because of a late-game fumble he did that played a huge part in the Eagles’ win.

See if you can determine a theme from these tweets:

But not everyone was celebrating solely by trying to draw energy from Brady’s crushing disappointment, some people chose to focus on other things. Duracell, for instance, decided to focus on Philadelphia‘s various sports fans’ long and beautiful history with batteries.

They are, of course, referencing the city’s penchant for throwing batteries at opposing teams and fans, something detailed beautifully on this episode of The Dollop, if you’re into podcasts.

Others decided to express their newfound patriotism (for a place they likely do not live in) in more abstract ways:

I know I am. (In spirit.)