Tom Brady’s Intensely Weird Super Bowl Look Is Getting Roasted To High Hell

New Englands Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is set to battle for his record sixth Super Bowl ring this morning, and he’s broadly expected to lead his absurdly dominant squad to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles.

That expectation has been hard-won. At 40, Brady has cemented himself as one of the most successful quarterbacks of all time, and is essentially just looking to pad his already legendary stats with what could be his final Super Bowl appearance.

Brady isn’t just one of the most notable players in the league, though. He’s probably the most hated. That wildly excellent career has been filled with controversy, a frustrating air of invincibility, and warm regard for one Donald J. Trump. 

So, while Tom Brady warms up for what could be the shining jewel of his diamond-riddled career, opposing fans have done what they must: they’ve ragged on his pregame outfit.

Adorned in a sharp coat, a popped collar, a comfy turtleneck and big ol’ shades, snarky commenters have seized upon the player with feverish abandon.

Others have asked why the fella appears to have been pulled away from his Roland TB-303 in a dank Berlin club:

Then there are the absolutely unnecessary David Bowie comparisons, which PEDESTRIAN.TV explicitly does not endorse:

There are comparisons to jerks in classic teen cinema:

And the occasional Vincent Adultman link:

Someone even went as far to say the guy appears to be vibing on Interpol’s seminal debut LP, despite the fact Brady admits he’s more into Coldplay than icy post-punk revivalism:

The game kicks off at 10.30am AEDT. Expect the fine NFL fans of the world to roast him for more than his fancy jacket when he dons the pads.