Today’s Blackface Shitstorm Comes To You From The Frankston Bombers

Whoever manages the social media accounts of the Frankston Bombers Football And Netball Club is in for an absolute shit of a morning, after being called out for posting a series of photos showing party-goers attending a recent event in blackface. 

Many of the photos in question, from the club’s iPod Shuffle Night party, have now been deleted, but the internet has preserved them for posterity, and overnight, hip-hop artist Briggs shared a screengrab from the club’s Instagram feed.  

It’s not the first time Briggs has called out idiots for doing blackface, and much like last time, he’s copping predictable predictable amounts of abuse for pointing out that blacking up for a costume party isn’t f’kn cool.

Someone who appears to be connected with the Frankston Bombers left Briggs a charming voicemail after he tried to contact them about the incident, telling him “if you don’t fucken like it, then fucken blow my cock motherfucker.”

Indigenous writer Nakkiah Lui tackled the issue of blackface on triple j earlier this year, and concisely explained why, it’s not the big, jolly joke that some people still consider it to be, saying:

“When it comes to blackface there isn’t a debate. If a group of people who are the marginalised group, who are still facing racism, who are still facing inequality because of their race, who have to carry the burden of history on their skin and their culture every single day, if they’re telling you that ‘hey, this is offensive to me, it has a loaded history, it’s making me feel uncomfortable, it’s making me feel like a second class citizen’, it’s not up to the dominant culture — and in this situation that’s white people — to say ‘Why? Why is this making you feel uncomfortable? Because it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.’”
Source: Briggs / Twitter.
Photo: Briggs / Twitter.