Indigenous Australians have asserted, time and time again, that blackface is a top-to-bottom rubbish thing to do. You’d think it’d be redundant to point that out, but at least one West Australian woman still bravely battled through opposition from the PC Police today to ensure her son was adequately painted as footballer Nic Naitanui.

With this latest incidence of wilful – even gleeful – ignorance and knowing disrespect, you can only imagine how tired people of colour are of countering waves of arguments from people who just can’t take no for an answer. After all, this SNAFU is only the latest in a long succession of poor paint-based decisions, each bringing a swell of sympathisers.

MC, actor and social commentator Briggs certainly had his piece on today’s fuck-up, but a subsequent post on his Facebook kinda outlines a) just how often this shit happens, b) how predictable the arguments in favour of blackface are, and c) how exhausting it must be to fire back to each one individually.

We can infer this from his righteously indignant but equally accurate dot-point list of rebuttals to pro-blackface logic:

“The following arguments are invalid: 

– ‘He was dressing up as his Idol’ – She should’ve stopped at the jumper & wig.

– ‘But what about the movie ‘White Chicks‘ – Not even once.

– ‘It’s not racist because she didn’t know it was racist’ – Ignorance is not an alibi. The mother identified she knew this would be an issue and decided to paint her son anyway, genius.

– ‘It wasn’t racist until you said it was racist’ – Nope, it was already racist.

– ‘You’re creating the divide’ – The divide has been there since before you and I were born, I’m only bringing attention to what is another disgusting display of Australia’s attitudes.

More arguments may end up on the list should any of these halfwits raise them, however I believe we are off to a good start. 

Further more if any of the above are your arguments, kindly go fuck yourself.


There you have it, ladies and gents. A ready-made template for countering faulty logic, care of a bona fide Indigenous man himself. Incidentally, a comment further down the chain by another punter elaborates on why exactly White Chicks isn’t the trump card many face-painters believe it to be:

“Why is Blackface bad, but White Chicks not? Due to the associated history of Blackface, why it was used, and how it was used. There is no similar historical context for Whiteface.”

Briggs Just Posted A Guide To Calling Bullshit On Pro-Blackface Arguments

You may have also noticed Briggs left the list open. We’re hoping nobody else chooses to set their intellectual dignity on fire to contribute to this absolute #heat, but hey: if you’re going to have a go at defending an indefensible practice, a dissection of your logic may as well end up as an example for others. 

Check out the post and discussion below:

Source: Briggs / Facebook.