People Think Floyd Mayweather’s Mask Was A Dig At The Irish For Some Reason

Fuck Floyd Mayweather.

Writing about him blows. The amount of traffic these stories get, necessitating continued coverage blows. The bulletproof cult of personality built around him and his public persona blows. That he was able to turn a mild curiosity into a globe-stopping billion-dollar event blows. The obscene amount of money he got paid for it despite the litany of domestic violence convictions either as a result of, or directly enabled by, his boxing career absolutely blows.

Regardless, the convicted domestic abuser walked to the ring for his fight against Conor McGregor wearing what commentators called a “ski mask.”

Spectators online have made the incredibly large leap to suggest that this was Mayweather taking a shot at the Irish McGregor by alluding to the infamous balaclavas of the IRA.

It’s incredibly dumb.

There’s plenty of very good reasons to tear strips off the bloke, but this isn’t one of them.

Seriously though, fuck Floyd Mayweather.