Conor McGregor Is Visualising Snotting Floyd Mayweather Via A Giant Mural

As much as it pains anyone with half a brain to think or admit, Conor McGregor successfully beating convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match would be the greatest upset in sporting history and will never, ever be rivalled.
Unless McGregor has been playing an extremely long con by staging a successful career in mixed-martial arts purely for the sake of misdirection while training and competing in professional boxing in secret this entire time, Mayweather (convicted domestic abuser) is going to rinse him.
‘Course that sure as shit isn’t going to stop him from trying, and if nothing else McGregor never does anything by halves.
With the mega-fight now looming large on the sporting calendar, the hype is building and McGregor’s training efforts are well and truly underway.
Part of McGregor’s success in the UFC is due to his extreme ego and cockiness; that he fully believes everything he says and he can back up any claim that he makes.
It’s a positive-mindset, visualisation tactic that’s got it’s roots in the dreary and mostly-bullshit teachings of ‘The Secret,’ but in McGregor’s case he leans on being the exception to the general rule.
So of course – of course – McGregor has a giant mural of him absolutely knocking the dick off of convicted domestic abuser Mayweather painted 12-feet high in his training gym.
Of course he has that.

The mural, painted at McGregor’s Straight Blast Gym base in Dublin, was commissioned by McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh to assist in McGregor’s “visualisation” process.

The company that produced the mural, SUBSET, had to sneak into the gym after McGregor had completed a Sunday training session and paint the mural overnight before McGregor arrived back at the gym on Monday morning. The company filmed his reaction to the surprise and will reportedly be releasing the footage over the coming days.

Photo shoot with the Champ Champ. #photography #artwork #conormcgregor

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Goodnight Floyd. #Notorious #Éire #conormcgregor #mural

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Pretty keen to see a taken aback McGregor squealing with child-like glee, TBH.
The McGregor/Convicted Domestic Abuser fight is scheduled to go down on August 27th (Aus time).

Source: Instagram.
Photo: SUBSET/Instagram.