Patriots Fans Celebrated The Super Bowl By Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other

After winning six of the bastards, celebrating a Super Bowl win gets a little common place and ho hum, so you’ve always gotta be on the lookout for new ways to spice things up. This year New England Patriots fans have apparently resorted to bashing the natural-born soul out of each other in order to keep the party vibing. As you bloody well do.

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Patriots fans in Boston got a good look at their all-conquering heroes, with Tom Brady and co bringing the Lombardi Trophy back home for the side’s Super Bowl parade, following their successful defeat of an insipid LA Rams at Super Bowl LIII on Monday.

By and large everyone at the parade was well behaved, except for one group of fans – all of whom go for the same team and therefore are on the same side as each other – who took it upon themselves to beat sideways shit out of each other. Presumably because the two instigators couldn’t agree on who was the asshole here or they couldn’t agree which Wahlberg brother was the best or something.

Y’know, standard Boston disagreements.

Good god that’s a brawl and a half. Really ugly stuff.

That said, shout out to the blokes shouting “WORLD STAR” like it’s still 2012. Keep fighting the good fight, sirs.

Thankfully, it wasn’t all horrible people being shitty. There was also this frankly adorable moment between *grits teeth* Rob Gronkowski and *grits teeth harder* Tom Brady, in which Brady’s daughter Vivian calls Rob “Gronky.”

Fine. Fine. That’s cute. That’s cute as shit, alright? I admit it. That is cute as hell.

For a son-kissing robot jackass.

Couldn’t hold that one in. Could not do it.