The Paris Olympics Logo Looks Like It Has An Expired Coupon & Wants To Speak To The Manager

With preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year well underway, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Paris 2024 organising committee could take a breather for a hot few months. For whatever reason though, the Parisian organising group has chosen this week, of all weeks, to unveil their updated and now-official logo for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games: A weird gold circle with lips called “Marianne.”

[jwplayer H1YiR00C]

The new logo was posted to social media yesterday, with the accompanying explanation that it’s the flame of the Olympic Torch superimposed onto the shimmering circle of the Olympic Gold Medal.

Also, it’s got lips for some reason.

The fuck does it have lips for? Why did someone try and make the Olympic Logo a sultry sexpot? What’s going on in Paris?

There’s a handful of different ways that logo can be read. On the one hand, it’s a Huffy Karen purposefully marching her way to the returns desk with a Brita filter that’s mysteriously stopped working after 3 years of normal operation and she’s NOT LEAVING until she SPEAKS TO A MANAGER. On the other hand, it’s your 2003 Panic! At The Disco ass whose two seconds away from screaming “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD” at Mom’s new boyfriend “Chris” before it stomps up to its room and cranks From Under The Cork Tree at a volume so loud it draws noise complaints.

‘Course we’re not the first ones to make these connections and more, and the hits on social media have been coming in thick and fast.

While all this is quite obviously valid, as an Olympic logo it still easily outstrips previous efforts from other various cities, less we forget the Lisa Simpson Giving Bart Simpson A Gobby effort from London 2012.

Compared to that, a logo that twirls cigarillos and calls you an “imperialist cocksucker” in a raspy voice is rolled gold.