Fair to say that the on-going Royal Tour has sent Melbourne absolutely out of their natural-born minds today, following the arrival of Prince HarryMeghan Markle in the Victorian capital earlier this morning.

Thousands upon thousands of maniacal monarchists lined the streets of St Kilda Road on the city fringe of Melbourne this morning to greet the royal couple as the swanned their way down the street, before veering off into the Royal Botanical Gardens for an appearance at Government House.

On the lawns there, women’s health group This Girl Can gave a short demonstration of good, old-fashioned Aussie Rules Football with a few quick handball drills.

And when Meghan herself was handed a footy, she didn’t shy away.

How’s the form there? For a first timer it’s entirely solid. Good ball strike. Solid contact. Sure, it’s spinning backwards, but you could fix that with 10 minutes of practice.

Check the front-on angle too, while you’re at it.

The steely gaze. The concentration. The eyes firmly on the ball. That’s the mark of a champion right there. That’s the stuff you simply cannot teach.

It might officially be the off-season for the AFL, but the media departments never sleep. And, quite fittingly, it’s Melbourne who’s jumped on the bandwagon the quickest to claim the royal duo (or trio, technically) for their own.

Of course it was Melbourne. Of course. Literally what other club would it have been? No member of the Royal family would be caught dead in a Tigers or Magpies jersey. Pleb clothes.

Now for the real question: Does the Royal baby get an automatic MCC membership? Or does it have to join the waiting list at birth like everyone else?

Food for thought.

Image: Getty Images / Karwai Tang