Matildas Unit Ellie Carpenter Shrugged Off One Of The Most Vile Falcons Ever

Everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into when they participate in organised sport. The risks are many, and when stepping onto a field of play you’re more or less starting a countdown to pain. And while we all love ourselves a rock solid falcon from time to time (particularly if its suffered by someone other than ourselves), spare a thought for Matildas young gun Ellie Carpenter, who copped one so vile it’ll probably wind up in the Falcon Hall of Fame.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

The Matildas are currently defending their Tournament of Nations crown in America, and faced off against the home nation overnight in a match the Australians were unlucky to walk away with a W from, thanks to a late equalising goal from the United States that salvaged a draw for them.

But the game will mostly be memorable for an incident in white 18-year-old Carpenter nearly had her head blasted clean off by a cannon of a boot.

In the 28th minute, US defender Crystal Dunn attempted a defensive clear which Carpenter, trailing around three feet behind, cleanly stopped dead in its tracks by placing her face in the path of the ball which was travelling roughly at the speed of sound.

Fucken OW.

After a scary few moments, Carpenter remarkably got up and walked off the pitch unassisted to receive further treatment for the hit.

Certainly puts Neymar‘s antics at the recent World Cup to shame, with the two incidents drawing comparison from folks on the ole’ world wide web.

Australian footballers. Tough as nails.