24 Y.O. Luger Survives Horrifying High-Speed Crash In Winter Olympic Final

Team USA luge competitor Emily Sweeney survived a horrifying crash at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics overnight, after losing control on the course’s most difficult corner and tumbling down the ice.

Sweeney, 24, was careening down the track in the Women’s Single Luge final when she lost her balance on Curve 9, accidentally pointing her feet towards the top of the bend before hitting the barrier and being thrown onto the ice.


Onlookers, including Sweeney’s mother, watched with horror before Sweeney managed to climb to her feet. After several minutes, she was able to slowly walk to safety, where she was helped by team personnel and medical staff.

Thankfully, Sweeney told the crew “I’m OK.” A Team USA doctor later confirmed that although Sweeney was banged up by the ordeal, she did not sustain any broken bones or more serious injuries.

Germany’s Natalie Geisenberger secured her second consecutive gold in the event. Her compatriot Dajana Eitberger won silver, and Canada’s Alex Gough took the bronze.