Canadian Hockey Player Chucks a Silent Tanty After Losing To Team USA

ICYMI: The PyeongChang Winter Olympics are on at the moment and a lot of things are happening like a Canadian hockey player, Jocelyne Larocque, taking off her silver medal mid-ceremony. Yes, that actually happened on live TV.

For some context Team USA and Canada battled it out in the women’s ice hockey final for gold.  

It’s common knowledge they aren’t the best of friends when it comes to hockey (and other stuff) and after clashing at eight Olympics in the past, shit was definitely going to go down. And it did when the 3-2 victory to Team USA happened in a bloody intense penalty shoot-out ending Canada’s 4x Olympic winning streak. That’s gotta sting…a bloody lot.

Now it’s safe to say us Aussie’s aren’t that familiar with ice hockey but if you substitute the sport with AFL, then we can definitely understand the pain of Canada losing in their national sport at the Olympics. It’s like if Richmond lost in the AFL Grand Final last year. Melbourne, as a city, would’ve been cancelled.

As you can imagine, the USA were pretty stoked to win gold especially since it was their first Olympic win in women’s hockey ever so kudos to them.

So the medal ceremony kicks off, the Canadians are receiving their silver medals, and it’s all very difficult to watch (unless you’re American), and then this happens:

Yep, Jocelyne ripped that silver baby off her the moment she got it.

It wasn’t long ’til Twitter trolls ripped into her for bad sportsmanship and all that. They even changed her Wikipedia. Classic troll move.

Have a look at what her hockey position is down the bottom there.

Like c’mon guys, losing sucks on its own. Losing at the Olympics must be a million times worse. Although in saying that, Canada still got an Olympic silver medal so you know…suck it up and come back stronger.