The ‘Selfie Olympics’ Are Back, And The Competition Is Fiercer Than Ever

With just a few days left of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we must soon say goodbye to not only the sheer thrill of watching the world’s best athletes compete, but the daily unearthing of new heroes.

We’ve had Adam Rippon, the USA’s first out gay male olympian to win a medal who rejected praise from US Vice President and well-documented homophobe Mike Pence; there was Chloe Kim, the 17 y.o. snowboarder who shredded to gold listening to Cardi B; and, bless her, there was even Elizabeth Swaney, that not-very good skier who more or less wormed her way into the Olympics. But left-of-centre, new champions have emerged: my good friends, the Selfie Olympics are back.

If you don’t remember the first, they blew up on Twitter back in 2014 when users started posting unnecessarily odd selfies. The rules are simple: take the ‘best’ bathroom selfie, and you win.

Almost single-handedly, Twitter user @bradleysandborn reignited the viral embers with one very good tweet a few days ago.

But before you think you’ve got this one in the bag, be warned – since the inaugural Selfie Olympics, we fear that The Twitter Teens have been training. The general idea seems to be to take the most absurd photo possible:

We’re also extremely into the four-photo posts that seem to tell some kind of narrative. It’s not exactly clear what that narrative ever is, but we’re into it:

I really don’t have much to say. I like the dog one here a lot.

Then, there’s the mind-breaking trick photography, like this selfie where the photo is a Pop Tart. Please readers, do not explain how they did this. Some things remain better as mysteries.

Thank you Twitter. You’re doing the good work.

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