FKN GOOD: Jenni Hermoso Files Legal Complaint Against Spanish Soccer Boss Over World Cup Kiss

Spanish Women’s Football Team captain Jenni Hermoso has officially filed a legal complaint against Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales following that fucked World Cup kiss.

According to ABC News, National Court prosecutors in Madrid revealed that the football player made a formal complaint earlier this week, with the prosecutor’s office telling the publication that their next step is for lawyers to file a complaint with the court “as soon as possible”.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that prosecutors were planning to meet with Hermoso to present an accusation against Rubiales.

Hermoso’s legal complaint comes weeks after the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup final, where Spain beat England in a historic win. As Hermoso made her way to Rubiales after receiving her medal, the Spanish soccer boss grabbed the back of her head and gave her a kiss.

The kiss that was seen across the world sparked outrage, with many people calling for the dismissal of the Spanish boss.

Although Rubiales later admitted he was wrong for kissing the player, he claimed his actions were out of excitement rather than malice in a video statement released by the Federation. He also did not apologise for the kiss.

Days later, Rubiales refused to resign from his position as RFEF President, as well as claiming that Hermoso agreed to a “peck”, as per The Guardian.

Hours after Rubiales refused to resign, Hermoso released a statement to Twitter, claiming she never consented to the “peck”.

“I believe that no person, in any work, sports, or social setting, should be a victim of these types of non-consensual behaviours. I felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist, out-of-place act without any consent on my part,” Hermoso wrote.

Following Hermoso’s statement, FIFA announced a 90-day suspension on Rubiales, banning him from any football activity.

“The chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary CommitteeJorge Ivan Palacio (Colombia), in use of the powers granted by article 51 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC), has decided today to provisionally suspend Mr. Luis Rubiales from all football-related activities at national and international level,” FIFA wrote in a statement.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee also announced it has opened disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales.

The RFEF have recently demanded for Rubiales to resign from his position, as per The Guardian.

Since the statement was released by Hermoso and the FIFA suspension, many other footballers have stood up for her, calling for more actions to made against the Spanish soccer boss.

Hermoso’s first formal complaint could mean that Rubiales may face criminal charges for his actions at the Women’s World Cup.

Image source: Getty Images / Visionhaus