Jenni Hermoso Appeared In Court To Testify Against Luis Rubiales For That Fkd World Cup Kiss

The Spanish soccer superstar Jenni Hermoso who was kissed by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales at the end of the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup, has testified against him in court for charges of sexual assault.

For those not in the know, last year at the end of the AUS/NZ Women’s World Cup (remember, when everyone had Matilda fever?), when Spain beat England in the grand final, one extremely problematic “celebration” from the Spanish Football President put a sour note on what should have been a joyful moment.

While walking up the stage to collect her medal, Spanish forward Jenni Hermoso was kissed on the lips by Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales insisted the kiss was consensual; Hermoso disagreed.

After weeks of boycotts and players speaking out — as well as alleged pressure from Rubiales and his staff to downplay the event — eventually he was forced to step down as Spanish Football President.

Since then, Hermoso filed a legal complaint against the ex-Spanish soccer boss, accusing him of sexual assault.

If her case is successful, Rubiales could face between one and four years prison due to change made to Spain’s sexual assault laws last year, that define any non-consensual sexual act as sexual harassment.

Jenni Hermoso testifies in court

In a Madrid court on Tuesday Hermoso gave her account of the event, and later told reporters that “everything went well” in the testimony.

“The judicial process will continue its course, and thanks for the support that many of you had given to me,” shared the Spanish team’s top goal scorer.

Jenni Hermoso exiting Madrid court. (Photo By Eduardo Parra/Europa Press via Getty Images)

The state prosecution has accused Rubiales of sexual assault, as well as coercion — due to the fact he allegedly tried to convince her not to make a big fuss over his kiss.

As a result of the alleged coercion, the judge placed a restraining order on Rubiales so that he is prevented from any further potential influence.

Due to Hermoso’s requests that the case be kept private, not much about the testimony is known. However a judicial source told reporters that Hermoso had repeated her current statement that “the kiss was completely unexpected and at no point was it consensual.”

Before a trial is held, the judge will hear from other witnesses, including other members from the Spanish women’s football team.

Hermoso has stated that in response to her speaking out against the unwanted kiss, she has received threats and suffered greatly.

She has also been celebrated by the people of Spain as a leader of equality and speaking out for women.

Thanks to her and other players speaking out, the Spanish women’s team’s coach was also sacked due to the way he mistreated players with cruel training techniques.

Hermoso celebrated her New Year’s Eve by presenting the festivities on television as a guest host, where she was able to call for further steps toward gender equality in 2024.