GOOD RIDDANCE: Luis Rubiales Has Officially Resigned As President Of The Spanish Football Federation

luis rubiales

Luis Rubiales, AKA the guy who forcibly kissed Spanish football player Jenni Hermoso after her team won the women’s World Cup and called the criticism of his creepy behaviour “idiocy”, has finally stepped down from his role as president of the Spanish Football Federation. Bye binch.

Rubiales released a statement on Sunday announcing his resignation, which came after he was suspended from all football activities for three months while an investigation into his behaviour is being conducted.

“After the rapid suspension carried out by FIFA, plus the rest of the proceedings opened against me, it is clear that I will not be able to return to my position,” he said in the statement, per ABC News.

“Insisting on waiting and clinging … is not going to contribute anything positive, neither to the Federation nor to Spanish football. Among other things, because there are de facto powers that will prevent my return.”

So, what I’m getting from this is that he isn’t resigning because it’s the right thing to do, but because he feels his hand has been forced? Okay.

ICYMI, Luis Rubiales forcefully gave Jenni Hermoso an unsolicited kiss on the lips after the Spanish football team won the women’s World Cup in August, sparking huge backlash and accusations of unprofessional and inappropriate conduct.

Immediately afterwards, Hermoso said in an IG Live that the kiss was uncomfortable and she didn’t enjoy it which then ignited further conversations about consent, sexual assault and how women are objectified in pretty much every industry they work in.

Basically, people were fkn pissed — especially since this all happened with the backdrop of the women’s World Cup win, which should have been a momentous moment for feminism and sport.

Rubiales, however, slammed the criticism of the kiss as “idiocy” and maintained that what he had done was an innocent expression of joy.

FIFA released a statement shortly after which, to fans’ surprise, included quotes from Hermoso that appeared to backtrack on her earlier comments and downplay the situation. However, it did end up suspending Rubiales.

Other local news reports then claimed that Hermoso had been pressured to back Rubiales by the sporting association, and that her family had been harassed — reports that are even more interesting now that Hermoso has since formally accused Rubiales of sexual assault.

Two days after Hermoso’s formal accusations, Spanish state prosecutor filed a complaint against Rubiales alleging sexual assault and coercion.

Aaaand now he’s resigned. Though he’s made it clear that this was not his initial choice. Okay.

Good fkn riddance, I say.

Image: Phil Radoslovich/DeFodi Images and Maja Hitij – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images