Jason Day’s Wife Got Absolutely Poleaxed By A Flying LeBron James

Courtside seats at NBA games: Magnificent, expensive vantage points. Prime position for rogue basketballers to accidentally barrel into.

Unfortunately, Ellie Day – the wife of current golfing world number 2 Jason Day – found that out the hardest way possible today.
Whilst sitting courtside at the Q Arena with Jason, taking in the Cleveland Cavaliers/Oklahoma City Thunder game, Ellie copped the full force of LeBron James‘ massive frame.
James, diving to save a loose ball from going out of bounds, careened directly into sitting and prone Ellie, who took all of James’ 203cm tall, 113kg body. The folding chair she was perched on stood no chance, and crumpled under the pressure.
Bloody hell. Even for a person the same size as LeBron, that would’ve been a nasty collision.
Play in the game halted for several minutes while Ellie received medical attention, with LeBron moving over from the Cavs huddle to check on her.
Ellie Day was eventually placed in a neckbrace and taken from the arena on a stretcher as the crowd at the arena – along with James and the Cavaliers – applauded.
Day, who gave birth to the her and Jason’s second child on November 11th, appeared to be alert and talkative with early reports suggest that she avoided serious injury. However, she was transported to a local hospital for precautionary reasons.
Jason & Ellie Day were seated in courtside seats next to the Thunder bench, colloquially known as the Nicholson Seats – named for Jack Nicholson, who famously occupies a similar spot at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for all Los Angeles Lakers games.
Source: ESPN.