Watch LeBron James Absolutely Bamboozle Grown Men With A Rude No-Look Pass

Not that he even remotely needs to do it, but LeBron James is apparently spending his days putting some extra sizzle on his highlight reel in preparation for what’s shaping up to be a reasonably interesting free agency decision come the end of the current NBA season.

A few days ago we saw James turn the ball into a ghost and spirit it through the testicles of Tristan Thompson, and while that’s arguably the most ridiculous thing seen on an NBA court so far this season, this ain’t far off the mark either.

James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in Los Angeles taking on the Lakers today, one of the teams reportedly in the hunt for LeBron’s signature later this year. And if he’s seriously considering the Lakers’ offer, he’s certainly putting on a show for his prospective bosses.

Among the many other standard-LeBron things, there was this absolutely ridiculous no-look pass which looked less like a legitimate basketball move and more like something David Blaine would pull out of his ass.

The extremely nonchalant James somehow managed to freeze just about every member of the Lakers’ on-court lineup before casually dishing the ball off to Ante Zizic, whom no one playing for Los Angeles had managed to see.

Christ alive.

It’s stuff like that that convinces you old mate is about to pull out a ten of clubs from behind his ear and tell you that was your card all along.

Every member of the Lakers side, hopelessly fooled.

All except Isaiah Thomas, of course. IT’s not fooled by anything LeBron does.

I mean, he can’t stop it from happening. But he’s not fooled by it, at least.