LeBron James Just Casually Threw $30 Million At A New LA Mansion

Let’s all go and get our legs stretched out or whatever it’ll take for us to become primo basketball players, because it’s clearly the sport to be in for the moolah making purposes.

I literally know nothing about LeBron James besides the bit in ‘Clique‘ where Jay-Z goes “Yeah I’m talking LeBron, we ball in our family tree” and that he plays basketball in America. As a fun and zesty side note, I’m also very good at the ‘Clique’ raps so if you ever see me out ask me to show you by the way.


One thing we cannot deny is that LeBron clearly makes bank, because he’s just casually nabbed a $30 million dollar Brentwood mansion like it’s nothing. Like chump change. Like when you find two bucks in your pocket and splurge on the extra-large Slurpee.

OOFTY. It’s like the house you dream of having when you’re a celebrity and go into hiding with another celebrity you’re having a torrid affair with. No? Just me?

He’s neighbours with Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel, by the way. Do you reckon they’d just pop over for a dip in the pool? Throw back basketballs he’s launched over the fence or whatever? Have pass-agg convo’s about trees on his side that are growing over into their side, and who has to pay for the gardener for that business?

The pad is only 2 years old, and it’s his second property in the area. See what I mean by just THROWING money casually at mansions?

It’s got 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, which seems a bit excessive on the bathroom front IMO. How many people need to go to the toot? That’s more bathrooms than an office floor has.

It’s also got a massage room, a sauna, a spa and a steam room.

Oh, and just to be chill – a wine cellar, home theatre…. and CIGAR ROOM. Cigar. Room. A room for cigar smoking and only cigar smoking. The BBQ area? Has beer on tap.

Forget becoming a basketballer – can someone just hook us up in a mate-type scenario with LeBron? I’ll be the girl with her head under the beer tap, k thnx see you there.