Jarryd Hayne’s Mum Challenged Hamish & Andy To An NFL Match, Is A Legit Ledge

Oh, bless your sweet heart, Jodie Hayne.
Not only is Jarryd Hayne‘s Mum absolutely proud as shit about her son’s recent sporting journey to the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, she’s not even remotely worried about the physical toll the new sport – and the large humans that play it – could take on her son.
Speaking to Hamish & Andy on 2Day’s Hit Network, Jodie exhibited the kind of physical encouragement you so often see from the otherwise cotton-wool approach modern parenting extols.

No! Get out there and smash him! Because once you’ve smashed him you’ll come back twice as hard.”

Also included in the – frankly, hilarious – interview is a challenge for a 2-on-2 American Football scrimmage, featuring Hamish & Andy coming up against Jarryd & Jodie Hayne, as well as the revelation that Jodie leaves to travel to the US tomorrow. Presumably to watch Jarryd play against San Diego in Friday’s vital pre-season game. But potentially to also congratulate him when, come Sunday, the Niners confirm him as a member of their 53-man squad for season 2015.
Seriously though. Jodie Hayne. What an absolute legend!

Photo: Mark Kolbe via Getty Images.