Neutral fans heading into this Saturday’s massive AFL Grand Final have something of a curious choice to make: Back Richmond, by far the largest team in the league that is on the cusp of dynastic dominance of the entire sport, or back Greater Western Sydney, a plucky group of upstarts from New South Wales that is nonetheless a Frankenstein’s monster brought to life by the AFL.

But for those of you struggling to figure out where to plant your temporary flag, this might sway you in one direction.

For the past few days, footy Twitter has been swamped by a surge of GWS memes thanks to their incredibly good club song.

The tune, which is the only AFL club song performed in a minor key and thus sounds like an imminent communist invasion, warns of a “big, big sound from the west of the town.” And its this mythical din from the opposite of the east that’s got the content meters ticking over.

The Big, Big Sound memes began popping up shortly after the Giants punched their ticket to the 2019 Grand Final after downing Collingwood in last Saturday’s Preliminary Final, and they haven’t stopped since.

Seriously, the gear here. It’s good.

The ground? It’s shaking.

The other teams? They’re quaking.

Honestly though, there’s not many – if any – that are gonna get any better than this one. It’s an absolute corker and worth of a Norm Smith.

That’s a bloody corker. Best on ground. Best & fairest. MVP. Any other accolade you want to heap onto it. Elite-calibre content worthy of an AFL Life Membership.

That’ll do me. With sincere apologies to all my Richmond mates, I’m backing in the Orange Crush on Sunday.

This song is now seared into my brain and I don’t even remotely hate it.

Those horns are damn-near hypnotic, I tell you.

Image: Getty Images / Dylan Burns