MCG Carnage Sees 2 AFL Players Break Limbs In 1 Horrific Quarter Of Footy

AFL Collingwood GWS Giants Broken Leg Ankle Tim Broomhead Tom Scully

FOOTY. It’s a tough game, and even though it’s only Round 2 of the AFL Men’s 2018 Season, players are already giving it their absolute all, like it’s fourth quarter in the grand final and their lives bloody DEPEND on running down that Sherrin.

In today’s Easter Saturday clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Collingwood are taking on the GWS Giants, and both teams have thrown themselves into the clash with so much gusto that at least two (2) limbs appear to have been broken in a brutal first quarter.

It all kicked off (sorry) with Pies small forward Tim Broomhead, who was chasing down a kick from teammate Tom Phillips with about 14 mins left on the first quarter clock. Attempting to help the ball reach the goal line, he stuck his left leg out while running full pelt towards the post.

He missed the ball, but managed to catch his leg on the post and then… this happened.

Lying prone on the ground after the sickening collision, 24-year-old Broomhead was seen writhing in pain, palm hitting the ground like an MMA fighter begging for time out. GWS players had to raise the alarm with Collingwood trainers when they saw that Broomhead was unable to move, and he was swiftly stretchered from the ground.

Just minutes later, GWS player Tom Scully, playing his first game back for the season, got caught in a battle with Pie Callum Brown. Duirng the tackle, Scully’s right leg went under him and his ankle bent out to an inhuman angle in yet another nausea-inducing moment of footy.

Scully was also stretchered from the ground, and both players were seen being transported from the MCG via ambulance, Broomhead with a broken leg at quarter time and Scully during the second quarter with a suspected fractured ankle. *sends healing thoughts*

Let’s hope everyone else’s bones and limbs stay where they should for the rest of the game.