RIP Tim Hardaway Jr, Murdered By This Unholy Giannis Antetokounmpo Dunk




Giannis Antetokounmpo just went full Super Saiyan over the poor, unsuspecting Tim Hardaway Jr in one of the most brutal, other-worldly dunks seen in eons.

The Greek Freak is a man unto himself, as you’re all probably aware by now, but today’s leaping effort – in which he completely cleared a grown-ass man – is something else entirely.

Look at this.

Look at it.


The still photo of it is somehow even better, providing an image that’ll be splashed on posters for years to come.

Even though the Bucks were the away team, the crowd at Madison Square Garden practically went into fits. Check out John McEnroe‘s reaction, fer cryin’ out loud.

Here’s the dunk again, but with Milwaukee-area play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson calling the shots.


The dunk conjures up some solid comparisons to Vince Carter‘s iconic Olympic Dunk during the 2000 Sydney Games.

But even still, Giannis did that without the stiff arm to support the boost.

One clean jump.


As you’d imagine, Twitter is having fits.

Fitting that Antetokounmpo’s insane dunk comes 30 years to the day after Michael Jordan delivered his literal world-changing Slam Dunk Contest effort from the free-throw line that quite literally launched the symbol of the globally dominating Air Jordan brand.

If Giannis’ visage from this one doesn’t wind up on shoes tout suite then there’s something very wrong with this world.