Watch James Harden Cop One Of The All-Time Greatest Ever NBA Falcons

Folks, in the vast annals of on-field or on-court falcons, seldom has there ever been one so pure, clean, or crisp than this one. This is the textbook example of the genre. The cream of the crop. The piss dee resistance. It sure as hell ain’t no ordinary beaning, I tell you what. It’s a true, MVP-level falcon. Mostly because it features one NBA MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, braining the absolute drizzling shit out of another MVP candidate James Harden.

[jwplayer OZACKE0F]

Picture this: It’s Bucks vs Rockets, start of the fourth quarter, Milwaukee holds a 12-point lead and both superstars are locked in an individual battle for the ages.

Giannis, ball-in-hand, spots a wide-open Malcolm Brogdon at the perimeter and wheels his python-like limb wildly in an attempt to fire the ball to him.

But instead of the ball rocketing safely into old mate’s hands, what happens instead is he pulls the pass and winds up cannoning the ball into Harden’s scone at roughly 500 miles an hour.

Jesus christ cop THAT.

Slow-mo doesn’t make it look any less painful, I’ll tell you that for free.

But a fan sitting courtside caught a different angle where you can hear the impact above the stadium noise.

You can hear it.


For those of you keeping score at home, the Bucks toppled the Rockets 116 to 109, with Harden draining 42 points with 11 rebounds, and Antetokounmpo registering 27 points, 21 rebounds, and one unintentional head-seeking missile.

A true world-class falcon. An absolute pearler.