Everyone’s Going Boonta For George Bailey’s Magical Wide-Brimmed Hat

Despite the Sydney Test being largely a fizzer thanks in no uncertain terms to Mother Nature having an epic teary all over New South Wales, that doesn’t mean for a second that the Summer of International Cricket has petered out with it – far from it.

With India now in the country to contest a series of One Day Internationals and International T20 matches, things are just starting to heat up. And it wasn’t the on-field performance of the Australians in yesterday’s epic, successful run chase in Perth (in which the home side hauled in India’s mammoth target of 309 with relative ease) that got everyone talking.
Rather, the focal point of the day rested solely atop the head of George Bailey. Literally.
Bailey’s throwback floppy yellow wide-brimmed hat caught everyone’s attention – a stark contrast from the modern era of player who almost exclusively prefers the baseball-style New Era cap when in the field.
Look at this glorious thing, would you!

Stiff brim. Sharp trim. A brilliant bright yellow that could blind pilots. It’s everything we used to love about cricket that we’ve lost in the continued quest for TV ratings and instant gratification.

The internet took to it like a duck to the proverbial.

Hell, it’s even got it’s own Twitter account now.

‘Course there was debate about whether or not George’s version stands up against the all-time greats…

…as well as rampant speculation as to the hat’s origins…

…and at least one person who pointed out that George’s track record with fashion choices isn’t exactly sparkling.

But still, no one can deny the hat’s pure power. And if George gets his way, the sun-safe option will become a revered staple of Australian cricket in years to come – up there with the Baggy Green.

“I imagine in ten or fifteen years the coloured floppy will have the same sort of significance as the baggy green.”

We’ve been pushing for years to bring back the coloured floppy. I think there will be youngsters wanting to don the floppy and it has that sort of power. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more boys wearing them in game two.”

THAT is precisely the kind of inspiration needed to bond a side, perform miracles on the field, and captivate a nation. George Bailey is a visionary, and that hat is forever.

Now, if only the West Indies could have looked for similar inspiration from their own past…

You don’t mess with success.

Photo: Paul Kane/Getty Images.