English Cricket Players Talked A Man Out Of An Apparent Suicide Attempt In Darling Harbour

Compassionate human beings of high moral fibre who also happen to be English cricket players (I know) Matt Prior and Stuart Broad talked a man out of jumping from a bridge in Darling Harbour Tuesday night, disrupting an apparent suicide attempt by speaking with the man for up to an hour. 
According to a report in The Telegraph, Prior pulled the man from the edge of a bridge and spoke to him along with Broad for almost an hour before the police arrived. The English pair were stumbling making their way back to the team hotel after attending a Barmy Army supporters event in Sydney when they first noticed the man, behaving oddly atop a bridge railing. 
“We just did what anybody would do in that situation,” Prior said. “We were trying to help a bloke who was struggling and in a bad way. I look back and I’m just glad we left the bar when we did and we were there for him.” 
The players believed the man was British. The man, who had thrown his telephone, passport and wallet into the water and told the players that he wanted to drown himself, did not recognise either of the men who had saved him. 
Good work lads. 

Image via AP/Getty 

The Telegraph via SMH