Drake Has Lost His God-Given Shit Over Toronto’s Historic NBA Title Win

In the least surprising news of the day, the Toronto Raptors historic NBA Championship win has caused dear old Drake to lose his natural-born mind back home in Canada.

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Drake is a fixture of Raptors home games, but did not travel with the team to their road games at Oracle Arena during the Finals series.

Instead, during today’s decisive and championship-clinching Game 6, Drake watched on with other fans, sitting on-stage at the team’s Jurassic Park fan facility in downtown Toronto.

With the watchful eye of the NBA not on him, Drake was free to go as absolutely batshit crazy as he wanted. And lo, he did.

Point guard Fred VanVleet‘s run of perfect shooting late in the game just about caused the man’s skeleton to pop out of his damn skin.

And his reaction to Klay Thompson‘s game-ending knee injury was reserved and withheld, proving definitively that while he may be somewhat of a prick, he’s still an okay-ish sport.

But when the final hooter sounded, the lid well and truly came off. Drake is off the leash. He’s gone bananas. He’s lost his dang mind, folks!

Old mate even went so far as to fly the Canadian flag proudly in front of a throng of screaming Raptors fans.

It’s a big, big win for Canada and the city of Toronto, and a huge win for the development of basketball internationally.

But let’s not forget who the biggest winner in all of this is: Drake.

It’s a massive win for Drake.

Cannot state that clearly enough.