Stop What You’re Doing & Watch Dominic Perrottet Absolutely Bork This Attempt At A Cricket Bowl

dominic perrottet attempting to bowl in a game of cricket

It looks like Dominic Perrottet won’t be dropping out of politics to join a cricket team any time soon (alas) ‘cos he put up a piss poor showing while on a trip to Mumbai.

Hey, we can’t all be sports legends. But we can at least try.

Perrottet is currently in India to chat about trade links and to open a new NSW trade office in Mumbai.

To celebrate, Perrottet tried (that being the key word here) to partake in a sport which unites the two nations: cricket.

But like John Howard before him, he failed miserably and brought great shame to Australia. The Liberal way, am I right folks!

In footage captured by 9News, Perrottet gives an elegant little run up but somehow manages to bowl the cricket ball… down? It then bounces tragically, a million miles away from the expectant batter.

Now clock the slo-mo rewind. Ooft, that bounce!

Could I do any better? Probably no. Is this video still disproportionately hilarious? Yes it is.

As pointed out by 9News, the scene is eerily reminiscent of John Howard’s series of famed terrible bowls in Pakistan back in 2005. You just know he remembers those at 3am and wakes up absolutely drenched in sweat.

Perrottet’s terrible bowl leads me to an essential question: what is it about politicians and absolutely borking it at public displays of sport?

At least the Perrottet of it all is marginally better than Scott Morrison flooring a small child in a “friendly” soccer game.

I’ll never get over the image of that man just absolutely throwing himself into the unsuspecting youth. What a day.

And while we’re on the topic — who is letting these pollies attempt sporty PR stunts in suit shirts and dress pants? We’re basically setting them up to fail here. I don’t think anyone can bowl well in R.M Williams boots.

It’s pretty wild that there’s now multiple occasions of Liberal pollies having sports-based PR disasters. Maybe terrible policies give you terrible sports skills? I’m on to something here I reckon.