Dom Perrottet Has Had Another Weird Swipe At Adelaide For Literally No Reason

New South Wales (NSW) Premier, Dominic Perrottet has had another very strange swipe at Adelaide this morning, and what did South Australia ever do to you?

The latest slew of super weird, anti-Adelaide shit from Perrottet comes from this morning during his Sydney business address.

With old mate Dom having said “I get in trouble for attacking Adelaide, but it wouldn’t be a speech about Sydney if I didn’t.”

He doubled down on the Radelaide slander continuing “When we think of Australia we think of this [Sydney], we don’t think of Rundle Mall.” And I’d like to request some respect for the Malls Balls, please.

The latest comment comes off the back of the Premier ripping into Adelaide earlier this month for trying to “steal” the New Years cricket Test from the SCG.

“A five-day washed out Test in Sydney is much better than a five-day Test in Adelaide because at the end of it you’ve spent five days in Adelaide,” he said and get this man on a Comedy Central Roast ASAP.

Now I have no fucking clue what Dom Perrotett has against the 20-minute city, perhaps he has a personal vendetta against Farmer’s Union Iced Coffees or maybe he’s had one too many disastrous nights out on Hindley street.

Either way, with all the Adelaide slander I know one thing for certain – Dominic Perrottet has never had a frog cake or a piping hot bowl of Fasta Pasta in his life, and it shows.