An Openly Gay NSW MP Asked Dominic Perrottet To His Face If He’d Support The LGBTQI+ Community

lgbt dominic perrottet alex greenwich

Openly gay NSW MP Alex Greenwich has asked the holy and sanctimonious NSW Premier Dom Perrottet about his stance on LGBTQI+ issues right to his face, and shockingly, his answer wasn’t complete shit.

Greenwich posited the question to Perrottet during NSW Parliament Question Time last week.

“Will you work with me to ensure the LGBTQI+ community is supported by your government and not discriminated against in New South Wales?” asked Greenwich.

It’s a question that many LGBTQI+ people would love to ask Perrottet right to his smug face, especially considering the fact that he doesn’t exactly have the best history with issues regarding queer people.

Shockingly though, Perrottet’s answer was actually quite promising. Colour me – quite genuinely – shocked.

“I said that I would serve every single person across New South Wales, and that is what I’ve always tried to do as a member of this government, and as Premier, that is what I will continue to do,” he said.

“I am a Liberal, and a fundamental aspect of being a Liberal, is understanding that governments should, as much as possible, stay out of people’s lives, because we believe that a strong society is not the product of a government or programs, but a product of flourishing families and individuals, communities and businesses across our state.

“Human flourishing is only possible when the inherent dignity of everyone in our society is recognised and affirmed.”

It’s a very well-written response, and it’s quite cautious to not step on any toes, but as a queer New South Whale, I’m interested to see if this stance stays true.

You can watch the full answer below.

It’s worth mentioning that any hesitancy towards a message like this comes from the fact that in 2016, Perrottet very vocally supported Donald Trump‘s win, and also opposed same-sex marriage.

His exact words were “I welcome a conservative spring,” which is something quite dark indeed. Who knows, maybe Dom saw the results of Trump’s presidency and back-pedalled on his stance a bit.

A massive shout-out to Greenwich for questioning Dominic Perrottet on this, because otherwise LGBTQI+ people would be absolutely left in the dark as to how well we’d be protected in the coming months.

Now Dom, prove you mean what you say and make a stance against the anti-trans One Nation bill coming your way.