Exercises You Can Do On Your Couch While Binge-Watching Your Fav Show

Contributor: Louis Hanson

We’ve all been guilty of the occasional binge-watch or two on the couch, especially when it’s sunny outside – you long for inspiration to leave the house but your eyes can’t help but remain glued to the telly. It’s a sad feeling, I know.

But, all hope is not lost: I have an idea!

If you’re going to do it, you may as well combine your love for couch telly with some easy couch exercises. Less sitting, more moving, folks.

It’s honestly the dream combination if you think about it – your endorphins flowing from both the love of Gossip Girl (or whatever your entertainment-fuelled heart desires) and from some mini crunches and squats. Mum would be so proud.

Without further ado, here are some beaut couch exercises you can do while watching your fav shows on the ol’ telly.


Scooch your tush to the edge of the couch, sit with feet flat on ground, hands placed beside you so you don’t slide off. Sit upright (chest out), extend one leg out straight in front of you, and alternate legs – great for your abs! You can even test your strength by holding both legs straight out in front for 5 seconds.


As you can see below, Suzan – I’ve now named her Suzan – is doing some divine couch dips in front of her imaginary telly. A great workout for your back of the arms.

iStock / Antonio_Diaz


Jump on the old squat routine. This one’s great because you also get the best view in the house – front and centre of the TV. Let my next favourite human (we shall name her Natalie) demonstrate how to perfect the couch squat below, courtesy of QLD Health‘s exercise suggestions.


Watch Gossip Girl upside-down for a new perspective. Lie on the floor with your heels up on the edge of your couch, then thrust upwards. This exercise aids will help sculpt that bootay of yours. Reow.


To round out your fool-proof routine, do some push-ups against the edge of your couch. You’re doing amazing sweetie.

It’s actually kind of amazing how easy it is to construct a work-out routine based around your couch. Who said you needed expensive equipment to achieve ultimate ~fitness~?

Feeling inspired by the mini shake-up to your normal routine? QLD Health are passionate about encouraging us to make healthier decisions. Everyone has room to improve, so it’s important to prioritise healthy eating and physical activity every day. You always deserve to feel like the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. You’re a boss, after all.

If you have an injury, or condition that may affect your ability to perform these couch exercises, please do not come for me and instead refer to an exercise professional for advice. Merci.