Turkish Man Flies His Whole Fkn Lounge Room Over The Ocean ’Coz Iso Really Do Be Like That

paragliding couch

A Turkish paragliding instructor has taken flight from the comfort of his couch and, for the love of God, do not try this at home.

29-year-old Hasan Kaval literally took his lounge room to the skies by attaching his couch, lamp, footstool and TV to his paraglider for a journey fit only for the biggest adrenaline junkies.

Throughout the now-viral footage, Kaval can be seen changing into some comfy slippers, watching Tom & Jerry and having a snack, all while hundreds of metres up in the air.

Terrifyingly, he is not even strapped to the couch, which is wild considering the mere thought of riding a ski-lift is enough to give me intense anxiety.

I wasn’t scared, my friends trusted me. It was fine,” he told LadBible of the stunt. “I felt so good and relaxed.”

Kaval has apparently been dreaming of the stunt for years, but finally decided to give it a go. You know, coronavirus really makes us want to go to extreme lengths to get the fuck out of the house. 

To reiterate: do not try this at home. I’m not even completely sure its legal, but even if it is, don’t do it. It’s dangerous.

Honestly, I’m waiting for the moment this comes out as some big green screen hoax, but after watching it more times than I care to admit, I’m fairly certain it’s real.

In a matter of days, the video has already amassed a whopping 360,000+ views, proving that adrenaline-inducing stunts will never not be mesmerising to watch from the safety of our couch (on the ground).

There really isn’t words to describe just how wild this footage truly is. So without further adieu, here’s “Flying Couch Potato.”